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Tiger – Please Win The Masters!!!

Say what you will about his personal life or the “kind of person he is” (Flawed? That SOB!!!), the dude makes golf more interesting and gets people excited about the game!!! Look at all of the buzz (and sales) that was created with his EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 – The Masters game release…currently the game is #4 and #5 (360 & PS3) on Amazon. There are a lot of young studs starting to make names for themselves right now on the Tour, and the only thing that seems to be missing from their great performances are duels with perhaps the greatest of all time, Mr. Tiger Woods. In the great scheme of things it does not matter what you think of him…perhaps he is the Darth Vader to Dustin Johnson’s Luke Skywalker…who knows…who cares! You can’t honestly tell me that there wasn’t at least a little part of you rooting for the Dark Side at some point in the trilogy (I don’t recognize the latest SW films as part of the family…sorry).

So, although you don’t have to come to the Dark Side all-together, at least pull for him a little bit…it sure would make our Major Sundays more interesting!


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  1. Robett

    I have to agree, Tiger is just another human with flaws like all of us. He is so exceptional at his profession that we expected perfection in his personal life too. What he did was very wrong, on many levels, but that is not what we are meant to appreciate. He is like Jordan in that the he keeps you on the edge, always expecting greatness. Most of the time he delivers too. I root for him still because of that once in a lifetime greatness.
    Is he part of the dark side? Probably. Does he have a good side? Definitely. He definitely plays the part of the dark superhero well.
    Let’s hope he is in the hunt at the end on Sunday. Whether you root for him, or against, he raises the excitement level tremendously.

    April 7, 2011 at 6:20 pm

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