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Ok…maybe he is really back this time…

Tiger shot a 62 today in a practice round for the Frys.com Open on The Medalist…a very difficult course designed by Greg Norman.  Check out the details here.  Any chance he might be in winner’s circle after this one is all over?


Warm Enough for Golf

Summer-time in Phoenix means it is time to golf baby!!!!  My wife always thinks I’m nuts heading out into the 116+ degree heat each day, but she just does not realize how awesome it is to play golf in the summer in Phoenix.  All winter long the courses are full of snowbirds taking advantage of the beautiful weather…the courses are packed…and rounds run four hours or more to play.  But, in the summer, the courses empty out and it only takes me 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours to play…if it is “busy”.  I love it.  Yes it is hot, but it truly does not feel like it when you can keep moving from shot to shot and throw a cold towel around your neck.  Plus, on the days when I am particularly inspired, I wake up early and tee off around 5:30am, avoiding that really doesn’t start coming on until 9-10am.  Oh yeah…plus the prices are about half or even less of what they are in the winter months…you are almost getting paid to sweat with the great deals you can find around town!

Tiger – Please Win The Masters!!!

Say what you will about his personal life or the “kind of person he is” (Flawed? That SOB!!!), the dude makes golf more interesting and gets people excited about the game!!! Look at all of the buzz (and sales) that was created with his EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 – The Masters game release…currently the game is #4 and #5 (360 & PS3) on Amazon. There are a lot of young studs starting to make names for themselves right now on the Tour, and the only thing that seems to be missing from their great performances are duels with perhaps the greatest of all time, Mr. Tiger Woods. In the great scheme of things it does not matter what you think of him…perhaps he is the Darth Vader to Dustin Johnson’s Luke Skywalker…who knows…who cares! You can’t honestly tell me that there wasn’t at least a little part of you rooting for the Dark Side at some point in the trilogy (I don’t recognize the latest SW films as part of the family…sorry).

So, although you don’t have to come to the Dark Side all-together, at least pull for him a little bit…it sure would make our Major Sundays more interesting!

Cart Attendant of the Year

I just wanted to share what I thought was an awesome story about one of our Cart Attendants, Gene Mullen.  This past Saturday, a young lady was in the Pro Shop looking at some putters since hers had stopped working several rounds ago.  She found one that looked good, felt good, and put off great vibes that were sure to make her play better.  The only problem with the club was that it was one inch longer than she desired.  Gene Mullen, one of our top Cart Attendants, overheard her comments about the length of the club, and decided he could fix that for her.  Upon her purchasing the club, Gene asked if he could take that club to Golfsmith for her so that it could be cut down to the length she desired before she started her round.  Within twenty minutes Gene made it to Golfsmith and back, and the young lady was able to use the putter for her entire round.

As the Director of Operations at Foothills, I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I was to have this act of radical hospitality take place at my club.  If you have ever managed a business I’m sure you understand how good it feels to have your team execute the ideals you preach and teach to them on a daily basis.  Gene is one of those guys that just flat-out “gets it”.  He has taken the Eagle Golf message of “Delivering the Difference” to heart, and it shows daily in his performance and the positive comments we hear from our members, guests, and other coworkers about him.  Congratulations, Gene, on not only making a guest’s day, but also on taking initiative and being a leader in our organization. 

If you come out to play sometime soon, be sure to embarrass Gene a bit, and give him some kudos…no doubt he will give you a reason to anyway.

-Rich Strozewski

Eagle Golf Conference

Not too many golf companies are as committed as Eagle Golf to improving the way we operate for the betterment of our members and guests. This commitment has been on demonstration all week in Dallas as all the GM’s from Eagle courses flew in to meet with reps and vendors in the golf industry and to share best practices and operation improvements to be made in 2011. We won’t let out all the secrets, but we did want to say thanks to our many partners like TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth that we will be working with to make this year one of the best for our many players. More to come…

It is a great day at The Foothills!

This is what you will hear every time you call our facility, and you can rest assured we truly mean it!  It is a blast for all our coworkers to be able to work on a day to day basis in such a fun environment, and their enthusiasm for what they do undoubtedly reaches all our members and guests daily to ensure they have a great day, too.  Our intent with this blog is to really let you all in to our inner-workings, and see our passion for what we do.  This is an incredible business to be in…afterall…there are not a whole heck of a lot of people that can claim they go to a place as cool as a golf course to work every day!  There is a reason why being a golf pro is always on the “Top Ten” dream job lists, and over time we hope that through these blogs you will figure out why we agree…and why we always show up with a big smile every day when we greet you at our property. So enjoy our blog, comment, ask questions, make suggestions, and most of all…do your best to make it a great day!